They Can’t Eat Off the Floor

Shindig Marvel currently has enough dinner settings to feed around 250 Guests

Choose any combinations of plates and silverware that you like.  FYI:  In order to keep our sanity, we do not sort our china by pattern.  It is all a random mix.

Appetizers— Consider small dessert saucers if you’d like to ration how much food guests take at one time.  For heavy apps the salad size plate may be best.

Food Stations— Consider using small dessert saucers and salad size plates at different stations.  Order more plates and silverware than your head count if guests will be grazing all night.  This way if one sets down a plate and forgets to use it again, you’ll have plenty to go around.

Buffet Dinner— It is common to rent a dinner plate, fork and knife and have guests use one large plate for everything.  Tables can be set so that it still has a more formal appearance.  

Plated Salad with Buffet Dinner— Set tables with salad plates, fork and knife.  Place dinner plates under salad plate for the layered look, or leave plates in stacks at the head of the buffet line.

Full Plated Meal—   Talk to your caterer about preference with settings.  Often a full 3 piece plate setting, dinner fork, knife, spoon, and dessert fork are preferred.

Family Style—  We offer an eclectic array of serving platters, bowls, condiment dishes, and utensils just like dinner at grandma’s house.  Talk to your caterer about what sort of plates and serving dishes would be preferred to serve each table.  (i.e:  1 large platter, 1 large salad bowl, 2 med. bowls, 2 serving spoons, 1 tongs, 1 meat fork per table).

Dessert—  Choose to set dessert saucers with each place setting or consider stacks of saucers and jars full of forks right at the dessert table, this way guests can choose to enjoy dessert beyond mealtime.

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